2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee – What the new model has in store

Crossover SUVs or CUVs have steadily grown in popularity over the years. Most of these vehicles look like a tougher version of regular SUVs. Still, only a few of these deliver excellent off-road performance and have the kind of towing abilities one expects in a utility vehicle. Almost ten years since it had a complete redesign, the arrival of the 2020 model of Jeep Grand Cherokee was marked with a lot of significant upgrades. The vehicle does not come with an alternate EcoDiesel engine model now. At around $33,000, you can get a Grand Cherokee Laredo, but you might want to look at the wide range of options here before you decide which one to settle for.

The mid-range SUVs and the Grand Cherokee attract similar kinds of buyers. The gender ratio is pretty similar too. However, people who prefer a Grand Cherokee over other mid-range SUVs or Crossover SUVs are found to be younger. Perhaps, it is the look of the vehicle that they feel attracted to or maybe, they find the overall performance reliable.

Here is a look at how the 2020 Grand Cherokee model has evolved

Jeeps are synonymous with a seven-slot grille. It is something that has been a standard feature but has also evolved well with time.

Jeep Grand Cherokee is not an overtly glamorous vehicle, but it does boast of the kind of design or look which is in sync with the purpose it is made to serve. Some of the major highlights of the 2020 model are a sporty design, revised front-end, 20-inch wide wheels, and rear bumpers. The look has a mix of style and power. The interiors are quite a contrast to the dark, all-black exterior surface. You get an optional panoramic sunroof, which you can use to get some sunlight in. The seats are made up of good-quality leather, and the multiple adjustments on the cushion make them extremely comfortable to sit on.

The climate controls can be found on the same panel on which are present the miscellaneous driving system controls and primary audio controls. As there are many knobs and buttons on the control panel, it is advisable to have a good look at them and get used to working around them before using them while driving the car. The Jeep has a heating and defogging system, and it works speedily and efficiently. There are also rain-sensing sweepers, which prove to be very valuable in heavy-rain situations. The vehicle places a lot of emphasis on safety features. You get a forward-collision warning, perpendicular parking assist, automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruise control with the full-stop capability, and lane departure warning with lane-keeping assistance.

The in-built infotainment system consists of many features that will make your drive all the more enjoyable. These features are convenient to use and boast of some outstanding graphics. There is an 8.4-inch touch-enabled screen, which responds very well to the instructions provided. You get knobs and buttons behind the steering wheel, which are used to adjust the volume and tuning.