3 popular services to prevent identity theft

We live in a world that is transitioning digitally, and we love the convenience that comes with it. We have our social security numbers, bank accounts, transactions, and bill payments all at our fingertips. That said, one needs to be cautious and responsible for personal financial data/documents saved on the Internet. Fraudsters can try to duplicate one’s identity from the cloud and use it for unethical financial gains. 

So, here are some best identity theft protection services that you can rely on.

Founded in 2005 and owned by Norton since 2017, LifeLock offers the users ID theft monitoring and Norton 360 antivirus features. Apart from these two features, LifeLock also monitors the credit and streamlines the credit lock feature, which means the user can lock their credit and freeze their accounts if they lose their card or wallet. This software also allows parents to add a safety lock for minors at an additional cost of $5.99/month. One of the best features of the LifeLock is that they provide identity theft insurance of up to $1million. Their comprehensive Ultimate Plus plan costs around $34.99 per month.

Identity Guard
This theft security system even predicts which social media platform, articles, or ads can pose a risk for a virus attack. Identity Guard monitors all these activities, thanks to the artificial intelligence capabilities of IBM’s Watson computing system. The Identity Guard warns the subscriber when a threat is detected with real-time notifications. Additionally, the software provides safe browsing tools when the user wants to make any payments. The plan costs abouts $3.60 to $12 a month, including family plans and insures up to $1 million per plan.

This software caters to individuals and businesses alike, and the company’s reputation of information security dates back to 1978. This software is best known for its social media monitoring feature. However, its comprehensive plan protects the user from tax fraud, medical ID theft, mobile attacks, and sex offenders. Additionally, it provides credit report fraud assistance, credit freeze feature, and the user can have access to the mobile app on the UltraSecure+Credit plan that costs about $23.95 per month.

The other identity theft protection services at par with the list mentioned above include myFico, IDShield, IdentityIQ, and ID Watchdog.