3 top logo sticker printing services online

The global sticker industry has grown at a tremendous rate in the last few years. According to estimates, the trend is set to continue in this decade as well, with experts claiming that the sticker industry market could reach the $47 billion mark by 2026. That is great news for consumers, as more sticker creation services mean more choices. Here is a list of the favorite companies that specialize in creating logo stickers.

Printify is one of the leading logo sticker creation companies. Based out of San Francisco, the service allows customers to design their own stickers. Customization is at the heart of the service, and it also doesn’t have minimum order requirements. So you can use Printify even if you want only one sticker. Design-wise, there are two options: Kiss-out and Square-cut. The former is great for personalization, while Square-cut stickers are better if you want uniformity more than anything. You can choose the free plan, which costs nothing; the Premium plan, which costs $24.9/ month; and the Enterprise plan, the cost of which varies.

Custom Sticker Makers
Custom Sticker Makers has been around for years, making it a recognizable name in the sticker industry. While there is a 50 sticker minimum order limit for over 4 square inches, the service makes up for it by offering great flexibility. You can create your own custom logo sticker or let the company do it for you. Custom Sticker Makers employ some of the best artists and graphic designers, so you’re only going to get the best. As far as turnaround options are concerned, you have three options: 3-day, 6-day, and 9-day. To get a quote, visit the company’s website and fill in your requirements.

In business since 2000, UPrinting has been able to establish customer loyalty better than most logo sticker services. UPrinting offers customizable offset printing, digital printing, and large format printing, in addition to online printers. You can edit an uploaded creative and design your own on UPrinting sticker. Additionally, customers have the option to order their stickers to be cut in specific sizes, which saves time. Square, rectangular, oval, and circular are the four die-cut options available. The cost of logo stickers varies depending on your choice.

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