5 ways to get the most out of a smartwatch

A smartwatch is not just a time-telling device. It has various features that can make your life a lot easier. You can get work done through its tiny screen, which is connected to your phone wirelessly. Some models even have voice commands and other advanced technologies that are hard to imagine. Here are five ways to get the most out of your smartwatch and use the device to its full potential.

Track fitness
A smartwatch acts as a pedometer to calculate the number of steps taken in a day. But that’s not all. It also tracks fitness points like heart rate, oxygen levels, calories burnt during exercise, types of activity performed, and more. Wearing the watch on the wrist is a convenient way of staying informed about your health. Based on the data received, you can take the required measures and ensure you’re doing the right things to keep fit. Some devices also come with reminders for drinking water or finishing a specific number of steps in the day, which can be helpful if you’ve decided to adopt an active lifestyle.

Answer calls
This has to be among the most convenient ways to connect to people. We often don’t carry a phone while walking outdoors, running, or at the gym and only take our earphones and watch. If you have an advanced smartwatch, like the Apple Watch, a simple tap on the screen can help you answer an urgent work call or dial a friend for a pleasant conversation.

Find your phone
Have a habit of keeping your expensive iPhone away and forgetting where it’s at? And then secretly hoping it had a bell to announce itself? A smartwatch can help you do exactly that. You may not lose your phone often, but on the rare occasions that you do, this feature will be handy. All you have to do is ensure your smartwatch and smartphone are connected. Through this connection, you may be able to command your smartphone to ring and then follow the sound to find it.

Take notes
Wondering how a small screen like that can take notes? The voice-to-text feature, of course! It’s beneficial for those working in the creative field who often have sudden inspiration or bursts of ideas that they need to jot down. If you don’t have a phone or pen and paper on you, simply use your watch to dictate thoughts and let it convert what you say into text on your phone. Not just that, if you’re an entrepreneur and need to take quick notes on the go, you can take a smartwatch’s help and be done within seconds.

Set reminders
What’s more convenient than having your day’s task manager on your wrist? You can simply glance at the screen to learn about the day’s to-dos and get to them swiftly. You can also set a quick reminder for new tasks with the help of the voice-to-text feature and save the details in seconds. So, improve your productivity by giving yourself time for each job and setting specific alarms for dedicated work.

Many smartwatches have the features mentioned above, but among the latest and best is the Apple Watch Series 8. It was unveiled on September 7, 2022, during Apple’s most awaited “Far Out” event and was available for purchase from September 16, 2022. The watch’s GPS version starts at $399, while the GPS + Cellular version starts at $499. It has smart sensors that record body temperature and other health parameters like ECG and blood oxygen. Crash Detection is a new feature that automatically connects you to your emergency contacts in case of a crash. Further, the enhanced Workout app records exercise data and helps customize workouts. You can get the watch in various loops and cases. The Gold Stainless Steel Case with Leather Link is priced at $749, but Apple’s financing options let you pay only $31 per month for a year.