7 early warning signs of dementia and care options

Dementia is an umbrella term that encompasses a multitude of symptoms and health conditions. It can impact a patient’s memory and cognitive functioning. Statistics provided by the World Health Organization suggest that there are more than 55 million dementia patients worldwide. Symptoms can differ from one patient to another; however, some warning signs of dementia remain common irrespective of its cause. It is more commonly seen in patients above 60 years.

Short-term memory changes
Issues with one’s memory are the most common and noticeable signs of dementia. These subtle changes observed in patients are often associated with their short-term memory. These changes include forgetting their tasks and the placement of items.

Problem finding the right words
Problem with communication of thoughts or the inability to find the right words to express one’s thoughts is a common sign of dementia. This can lead to stopping in the middle of a sentence. Conversing with dementia patients, therefore, takes a longer time.

Mood change
The slightest of things can cause mood changes in dementia patients. Differences in their surroundings, disruption of routine, inability to find items, and more can make them anxious, upset, agitated, or give rise to other emotions. It is one of the early warning signs of dementia.

Dementia patients are prone to confusion. Their poor memory causes them to forget landmarks, people, events of the day, and more. The loss of their belongings and the inability to recognize their surroundings are some of the many reasons that can give rise to confusion.

Problem completing tasks
Change in the person’s ability to carry or complete a task can also be a warning sign for dementia. These can involve day-to-day tasks that were once easily accomplished. New activities can be daunting for the patient.

Difficulty accepting change
A typical early sign observed in patients with dementia is their inability to accept change. Memory loss can give rise to fear; therefore, dementia patients crave routine.

Poor judgment
Cognitive decline often brings along poor judgment. The sudden onset of bad decisions can be a warning sign of dementia.

There are various assisted living options for senior patients. Patients who are unwilling to move to an assisted living facility can avail of in-home assisted care. Devices like stairlifts help provide convenience for senior patients with assisted living.