7 fashion fails to steer clear of

Fashion is ever-evolving; what’s in trend today may be out of style tomorrow. This constant change makes it challenging to buy and wear the right outfit. A wrong color, pattern, or even fit will deflate your style. Keeping this in mind, we’ve put together a few fashion mistakes to avoid. Whether you’re exploring the latest fashion trends for the first time or know your stuff, avoid these errors when dressing up for any occasion.

Overdoing cartoon prints
Minimalistic prints are fine as long as you don’t overdo it. But cartoon prints don’t really look good in an outdoor setting. Most of these prints are done on t-shirts, making the entire ensemble look casual. Cartoon prints can only be worn on denim or cargo outfits. You obviously cannot wear a cartoon t-shirt over formal pants and shoes. Besides cartoon prints, avoid t-shirts or hoodies with big lettering and bright quotes when stepping out for a more formal occasion. Stick to the classics instead.

Wearing wrong colored socks
White socks on black shoes is a serious faux pas, but most men just don’t see it. Always match the color of your socks to the color of your suit or pant so that they blend in with the outfit. Wearing the wrong colored socks, that too with the shin visible, is one of the popular fashion fails to avoid!

Making pattern mistakes
Polka dots and checks have become outdated. No matter how you try to wear them, the monochrome colors and bold patterns just don’t seem to catch on these days. With the trend shifting towards bright colors and minimalistic styling, flashy clothes attract unwanted attention. So, choose patterns wisely.

Buying the wrong fit
The wrong pant length and top size can ruin your look completely. Baggy pants or tight shorts may not necessarily work for every outfit. Even capris with a mid-calf length can make you look older, and it doesn’t really work for smart casuals or formal attire. That doesn’t mean you get every outfit tailored. Simply changing the way you wear your clothes can make a huge difference.

Trying to keep up with every trend
Resin jewelry, tiny purses, chunky boots, matching sets, tiny sunglasses, bucket hats, corsets, skinny jeans, and even crocs have all failed to catch on since they came into trend. Influencers flaunt these accessories, so you may feel tempted to wear them. But some trends are tacky, and not all accessories will complement your outfit. So while trying new things is okay, don’t make it a feature of the ensemble.

Not updating your look
You don’t have to keep up with every fashion trend you come across. But it’s essential to update your style at least a few times so that you don’t end up wearing outdated outfits. Browse everyday smart casual, formal, and seasonal outfits across classic brands that have dominated the market. You can never go wrong with these style updates.

Not giving importance to the occasion
Ever heard of the phrase “dress for the occasion”? Well, there’s a good reason why people say that. Every occasion has an acceptable dress code, and ignoring it is a serious faux pas. Besides, it’s disrespectful to the event.

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