8 warning signs of poor blood circulation

Good overall health indicates the presence of a proper lifestyle and the right food choices. Among other things, it also points to proper blood circulation. Poor blood circulation can lead to improper functioning of the organs and body systems. The condition can be caused by damaged or restricted blood vessels and plagued arteries, among other factors. Thus, it is crucial for one to be aware of the various symptoms of poor blood circulation.

The painful cramping of muscles, even after minimal or a regular amount of activity, can be a sign of poor blood supply. The symptom is generally resolved after getting some rest.

Numbness and tingling
The feeling of numbness or tingling generally occurs in the body’s extremities. This is a sign and a result of poor blood flow to the limbs. If the sensation is chronic, it may also be caused by some underlying condition.

Exhaustion and feeling cold
A proper blood supply gives the body the energy to carry out organ functions, system activities, etc. It also fuels the maintenance of optimum temperature levels along with energy. If the blood supply to the body is compromised, it may lead to one feeling cold, lethargic, and fatigued.

Poor cognitive function
The proper functioning of the brain is based on the speed and quality of blood flowing to the organ. People that deal with poor blood circulation will also experience challenges focusing or concentrating on things and have a compromised memory, both short and long-term.

Weak immunity
With poor blood supply, the infection-fighting antibodies and cells become sluggish, resulting in a weak immune system. If you observe increased healing time for cuts and bruises or seem to fall ill frequently, you may want to consult a doctor.

A slower blood flow can result in slowing down various body processes. This also includes the slowing down of the digestive system. Therefore, constipation can be an indication of poor blood circulation in the patient.

Hair loss and weak nails
Taking note of your hair, skin, and nail health is a great way of tracking blood supply in the body. If you experience changes in the health of these key components, it could be a sign of a compromised blood supply in the body. Dry hair, brittle nails, and hair can be warning signs to rectify any issues with overall health.

Angina can be identified as the tight and heavy feeling in the chest area. This pain or tightness can radiate up the neck, arms, back, or jaw. Angina occurs as a result of restricted blood flow to the heart muscles.

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