Chronic fatigue syndrome – Treatment and home remedies

Chronic fatigue syndrome, characterized by extreme tiredness or fatigue, does not have any cure. The treatment options available are primarily focused on relieving the symptoms. The symptoms are different in every patient. Therefore, there is a need for different treatment options to manage the condition.

Here are some of the treatment options that are commonly used for chronic fatigue syndrome:

Chronic fatigue syndrome patients also suffer from depression. Therefore, treating depression can help one manage a lot of problems associated with this condition. Small doses of antidepressants are prescribed to patients to improve their sleep and even help them fight the pain.

Some of the effective ways of treating chronic fatigue syndrome is a combination of cognitive training programs and some light exercises.

Cognitive training
Here, the patient is sent to a counselor. During the sessions, the counselor tells the patient about the various ways to work things out in life despite all the limitations caused by chronic fatigue syndrome. This makes the patient feel in charge of their life again and can gives them a positive outlook toward life.

The exercise sessions are done under the supervision of a physical therapist who helps the patient to pick the best exercises to fight the condition. People who have not been very active are prescribed with some stretching and range-of-motion exercises for a few minutes every day. With time, the intensity of the exercises is increased. This gradual increase helps the patient to reduce hypersensitivity towards exercise.

Home remedies and alternative treatments
There are some home remedies and lifestyle changes that play a crucial role in treating the condition. These include:

  • A good sleep routine
    Most people with chronic fatigue syndrome suffer from irregular sleeping patterns or insomnia. But with increased sleep time and boosting one’s quality of sleep, they can fight the condition. When one’s sleeping patterns are healthy, it allows their body to replenish itself with energy to let the muscles heal. Proper sleep can reduce fatigue and give a boost to one’s energy levels and muscle strength. It is important to make sure that one sleeps for at least eight hours at night every night consistently.
  • Consuming vitamin D
    Although the debate over the role of vitamin D in the condition is still under debate, it has been noted that people with chronic fatigue syndrome and a deficiency of vitamin D can start feeling a lot of relief from pain once they start getting an adequate supply of the vitamin. To make sure that one’s taking the proper dosage, it is important for them to consult a doctor.
  • Take ginkgo
    Ginkgo is an antioxidant and it also plays an important role in improving the flow of blood to the brain. This is a supplement that can prove to be beneficial for elderly patients suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome. Problems with memory and focus are some of the most common problems experienced by patients. With ginkgo supplements, one can combat these problems.
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