10 best washer and dryer deals for Cyber Monday this year

If you want to upgrade your home appliances on a tight budget, then there’s no better time than the upcoming Cyber Monday 2022 sales. Whether you want to switch to a more efficient dryer or require a high-capacity washer, the following incredible deals will greatly help your decision-making. Top Cyber Monday 2022 deals for washers and dryers

Samsung WF45A6400AV/US Front Load Washer
This newly launched front load washer from Samsung sports a capacity of 4.5 cubic feet with a new Smart Dial feature, which uses artificial intelligence to learn your wash cycles properly and then recommend the most used settings for easy and quick access. Furthermore, it supports Super Speed Wash functionality, allowing you to complete a full load of laundry in just 28 minutes. This model costs around $800 right now, but prices can go lower.

LG DLE7300WE Smart Electric Dryer
This 7.3 cubic-feet electric dryer offers a seamless laundry management system through its flexible EasyLoad door. Furthermore, there’s support for remote functionality with the in-built ThinQ technology, which also offers nine different drying cycles and five different temperature settings. Additionally, the control panel sports a dual LED display. This dryer currently costs around $750, and you can expect the sale prices to be much less on Cyber Monday.

Samsung WA52A5500AV Top Load Washer
If you’re looking for a large-capacity washer, this 5.2 cubic-feet capacity machine can help you reduce your laundry time. Along with support for Super Speed Wash within 28 minutes, you also get access to an integrated WIFI feature for end-of-cycle alerts and remote scheduling. Expect prices to lower during Cyber Monday than their current tag of around $750.

Maytag MED6230HW Smart Electric Dryer
With a limited warranty of 10 years, this 7.4 cubic-feet electric dryer can evenly dry loads with its advanced moisture-sensing functionality. There’s also a wrinkle prevention and control option for enhancing the longevity of your clothes. Additionally, there’s support for remote start and cycle notifications so that you can efficiently manage and control your laundry from anywhere. While this dryer costs around $730, discounts are expected to be bigger.

LG WM1455HWA Front Load Washer
Compact-sized washers are hard to come by, and this 2.4 cubic-feet machine from LG can help you make the most out of your available residential space. Measuring just 24 inches wide, it has in-built artificial intelligence with advanced sensors that can detect load size and fabric texture to suggest you the ideal wash settings. Prices are set to be around $1000.

LG WM3998HBA Smart Front Load Washer And Electric Dryer Combo
If what you’re looking for is an all-in-one solution, then there’s no better option than this washer and dryer combo from LG. Measured to have a capacity of 4.5 cubic feet, it features TurboWash and 6-Motion technologies for efficient laundry washing. And to take care of the laundry drying procedure, the machine deploys ventless condensing functionality. Although the current price tag is around $1,500, it’s expected to be lower.

LG WT7005CW Top Load Washer
This 4.3 cubic-feet capacity top-load washer from LG features enhanced laundry cleaning facilities with its 4-way agitator and TurboDrum technology. It also sports a 6-Motion Technology that washes clothes in six different wash motions for better cleaning and longevity. For around $630, this washer is a steal.

LG WKEX200HBA Stackable Front Load Washer And Electric Dryer
Termed the LG WashTower, this stackable system from LG features a 4.5 cubic-feet washer at the bottom and a 7.4 cubic-feet dryer at the top, allowing you to save precious space inside your home. The machine also sports in-built artificial intelligence that allows for advanced washing and drying of your laundry. Prices are set to be around $1800 or lower.

Samsung WF50A8500AV/A5 Front Load Washer
Featuring a large capacity of 5.0 cubic feet, this front load washer from Samsung sports WIFI connectivity for remote scheduling and end-of-cycle alerts. It also supports Super Speed Wash functionality for cleaning laundry under 30 minutes without sacrificing quality. This model costs around $900 right now.

Samsung WA52A5500AV/US Smart Top Load Washer And Electric Dryer Set
If you’re looking for a value-oriented package that includes both the washer and the dryer, this set from Samsung is a no-brainer. The top load washer is rated to be 5.2 cubic feet in capacity with Super Speed Wash functionality, while the electric dryer has a rated capacity of 7.4 cubic feet with Steam Sanitize+ operation. Expect prices to be lower than its current tag of around $1500.