4 signs of poor immune system due to excessive sugar

The immune system is a complex system that helps keep the body safe from foreign viruses and bacteria. Once an immune system has defeated any foreign microbe, it takes note of it and always treats it as an enemy. Sugar is one of the foods that can compromise the immune system if consumed excessively. So one must always be sure of one’s meal choices. Here are 4 signs of a poor immune system due to excess sugar.

Frequent illnesses
One of the easy indicators of a weakened immune system is the frequency of illness and susceptibility to infections. This can be caused by excess sugar intake, which leads to chronic inflammation. Studies suggest that a spike in sugar levels suppresses the immune system and that healthy cells are damaged more with high sugar. When there are few healthy cells in the body, it is easy for bacteria and viruses to attack the immune system and are not easily warded off, resulting in frequent illnesses.

Chronic fatigue
As per studies, being frequently exhausted is a sign of a compromised immune system. Research suggests that chronic fatigue syndrome is often referred to as immune dysfunction syndrome. Excessive sugar consumption may also contribute to chronic fatigue by causing a rapid rise and subsequent crash in glucose levels. This cycle of fluctuating sugar levels can strain the immune system and also make the body feel lethargic.

Eating too many sugary foods or drinks leads to constipation. This is because all sugary foods are low in fiber and fluids but high in fats, so when there is less soluble fiber in the system, it makes bowel movement difficult. During constipation, what happens is that the peristaltic action in the intestines slows down, which means that the organ is not contracting and relaxing. This is an important part of digestion because a lot of nutrients are absorbed, and the waste is removed from the body. But due to excess sugar, an individual experiences constipation which compromises the immune system by not providing enough nutrients to the body. Disruption of beneficial bacteria from the gut is a common problem, which can also lead to other issues like bloating, gas, and sometimes even diarrhea.

Skin issues
There are many skin conditions that develop due to a weak immune system or auto-immune diseases, where the immune system mistakenly attacks healthy cells. Eczema, acne, and fungal infections are some of the common skin issues experienced due to a weak immune system that worsens with sugar intake. Sugar intake promotes inflammation in the body which makes the skin uncomfortable. It can trigger symptoms like itchy red patches, dry skin, and clogged pores with sebum. It is always advised to keep the skin clean by washing thoroughly and with the help of exfoliation. Speak to a dermatologist who can help manage these conditions. They can suggest the right products, and also, a nutritionist can suggest the right meal plan which excludes sugar and helps make the immune system stronger to help manage any skin issue symptoms.

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