4 top video conferencing software for uninterrupted virtual meetings

As we embrace working remotely, it has become vital for us to have feature-rich software for efficient and seamless communication. Video-calling applications are suitable not only for official meetings but also for socialization and family gatherings. Listed below are some of the top video conference web software for virtual meetings.

Zoho Meetings
Zoho is a web-based video conference software with more than 40 million users worldwide. It offers an excellent suite that works best with almost every department, including sales, accounts, marketing, HR, and operations. The video conferencing software also provides you with valuable tools for webinars and training. Besides, being a browser-based conferencing solution, it requires no downloads. With Zoho Meetings, you can record discussions on your mobile phone and benefit from privacy options like lock meetings, mute or eject participants, and integration with Google Calendar.

Cisco Webex
Cisco has been in the field of telecommunication for quite some time. Webex, acquired by Cisco in 2007, is a video conferencing software loaded with brilliant features like HD video calling and screen sharing on mobile devices. Although the free version allows adding 50 attendees, you can buy the five-license plan and add up to 200 participants at around $27 a month. Webex also has a unique feature named “Call Me” that allows you to start a meeting by receiving a phone call.

Zoom has emerged as one of the top video web-based video conferencing software that can also be downloaded. You can use Zoom for one-to-one chat sessions, group calls, and even for global meetings, as it allows you to add as many as 1000 participants. The software lets you view 49 HD videos on screen simultaneously and has HIPAA compliance role-based security with end-to-end encryption. In addition, Zoom also allows you to record meetings and store them locally or in cloud-based files. With the free version, you can host group sessions for 40 minutes and add up to 100 participants.

Intermedia AnyMeeting
Yet another top video conference web software, AnyMeeting, is best for small businesses. The software has a user base of at least 1 million and is a part of Intermedia Unite. The collaboration provides video conferencing, screen-sharing for presentation, and even VOIP capabilities. Your communication through AnyMeeting is end-to-end encrypted and HIPAA compliant. The software also integrates with other productivity tools from Slack, Microsoft, and Google.