5 clear signs one needs a new car

You may want to hold on to your car for a lifetime. While taking good care of the vehicle can extend its life, some issues can cost a lot of money to fix. Further, even the most durable car can become impractical over time. Newer cars may have better technology and safety features, helping you save money in the long run. So, here are a few telltale signs that you need a new car:

Frequent breakdowns and repairs
Most vehicles need repairs from time to time and regular maintenance. However, if the car begins to break down often, it is a clear sign that you may need to get a new one.  As a rule, you must make sure that your car does not break down more than twice a year. So, if you are experiencing such issues every couple of months, you must start looking for a replacement.

Relatively poor mileage
Typically, newly launched car models provide better gas mileage than their older counterparts. While this may not seem like an issue at first, poor gas mileage would mean you are spending excessive money on gas. Here, it can prove beneficial to buy a new car that provides better gas mileage, helping you save money over time.

Rust on parts
While maintaining a car, it is important to consider its age. So if you notice a layer of rust on the exterior and interior of the car, it could be a sign that it is too old to drive around. Rust can be a serious safety hazard, weakening the car and damaging its parts. What’s more? Rust can decrease the car’s resale value, so you should watch out for this issue and address it quickly.

Unavailability of spare parts
Repair, replacement, and general upkeep of old cars can require a large amount of money. Additionally, you may not even get the right spare parts for your car. In rare cases, the manufacturer can even discontinue the model. So, the unavailability of spare parts is one of the key signs that you need to buy a new car.

Increase in insurance costs
Most old cars can be incredibly expensive to insure, as they do not come with newer features that can make the car more durable. Without the latest safety, reliability, and assistive technology, your monthly premiums can become more expensive. Further, older cars can be easier to steal and more susceptible to damage. So, instead of spending more money each year on your monthly insurance premium, you can recognize high insurance costs as a sign to buy a new car. Spending excessive money on repairs, maintenance, and insurance may not be feasible in the long run.

In addition to the signs mentioned above, you must also keep track of the emission records of your car. If it does not have the required technology and has been failing the environmental emission tests, then it is best to buy a new car. The latest models are equipped with technology that makes driving more environmentally friendly. 

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