5 natural remedies for stress relief and better sleep

Sleeping is one of the most important parts of one’s day, and it plays a vital role in rest and recovery of the body. A good night’s sleep is also linked to several other health benefits. However, in today’s stressful environment and lifestyle, getting enough sleep can be challenging. Luckily, one can use several techniques, including home remedies, to help relieve stress and improve sleep quality. Here are some natural remedies for the same.

Valerian root
This is a herb that is commonly used in Asia and Europe as part of traditional healing methods. The root is usually used as a remedy to help manage stress, anxiety, and even depression in individuals. While the studies remain inconclusive of its direct benefits on sleep, there are some studies that do point towards the positive effects of this herb. Various small group studies involving 30 to 40 people found that taking 530 grams of valerian root before bed helped in sleep quality, latency, anxiety, and depression in individuals. These notes were taken from the participants’ perception of sleep quality and did not measure any quantitative data. While this root is known to be safe for adults, there may be minor, non-serious side effects, if any, in some people.

This is a plant that can easily be found everywhere around the world and, in fact, is used in various forms in many households across the globe. Many sleep-enhancing products have lavender essential oil infused in them to help with sleep problems. There are some studies that suggest that smelling some lavender oil before going to sleep can help improve sleep quality for those with insomnia. There was also a study done with those with dementia, and lavender aromatherapy proved effective in improving sleep disturbance symptoms.

This is a popular remedy known for insomnia. There are animal studies to suggest improvements in sleep after using passionflower. However, human studies suggest that the answers remain inconclusive. That said, anecdotal evidence suggests that those who drank passionflower tea before going to bed for three weeks straight said there was a 5% improvement in their sleep.

This is a naturally occurring hormone in the body and is responsible for helping sleep better by regulating the sleep and wake-up cycle. There are melatonin supplements available in the market, which can help in improving sleep for some individuals. Also, other ways to improve melatonin production involve soaking in the sun early in the morning, exercising, and leading an active life, which helps regulate hormone production properly in the body.

This is an important mineral that helps keep the sleep cycle healthy and in control. It does this by helping the mind and body relax, which puts it in a stress-free mode to sleep better. Studies also suggest that magnesium is helpful because it helps regulate the production of melatonin in the body, which helps induce sleep.

Aside from these natural remedies for stress relief and better sleep, one can also try detox foot pads. These are getting popular among many people; however, there is no scientific evidence to support that these foot pads actually work to help improve sleep. It is always better to do some research before buying any products to make sure that they are safe to use and there are no side effects. Talking to a doctor regarding this will be helpful to ensure the product is safe for use.