5 natural ways to strengthen bones

Osteoporosis is a condition in which the patient’s bones become brittle and porous. This increases the chances of getting bone fractures and experiencing joint pain. Sometimes bones become so brittle that coughing or bending over causes a fracture. Although osteoporosis does not have a permanent cure, there are ways to manage its symptoms and strengthen weakened bones. Listed in this article are some of the steps that can be taken to promote bone health naturally.

Opt for calcium-rich foods
Calcium plays an integral part in the maintenance of bone density for osteoporosis patients, which is why it needs to be incorporated in every meal. Dairy products are an ideal source of calcium. However, calcium-fortified food options like cereals, yogurt, juices, and more can be equally resourceful.

Include physical activity
In our fast-paced lives, physical activity often takes a backseat. This lack of daily physical activity can prove to be a concern, especially for patients with osteoporosis. Strength training or weight-bearing exercises like swimming, walking, running, hiking, and more are recommended by health care professionals.

Eat vitamin-rich foods
While vitamin D helps the body improve calcium absorption, vitamin K2 ensures that the absorbed calcium is not lost. Both these crucial components can be obtained from food. However, in some cases, osteoporosis patients might need to be prescribed supplements to overcome vitamin D deficiency.

Avoid carbonated drinks
One of the negative outcomes of sodas and other fizzy beverages is the loss of bone strength. It is believed that the phosphoric acid present in these drinks hinders the body’s absorption of calcium and results in weaker bones and decreased bone density.

Limit sugar intake
Unchecked sugar consumption can lead to weight gain, decreased bone density, and increased risk of osteoporosis, all of which needs to be avoided in order to promote good bone health. Limiting or eliminate the consumptions of beverages, bread, desserts, and candies that are loaded with this sweetener.

Aside from the above methods, there are other ways to maintain bone health like maintaining a healthy weight, incorporating enough protein in each meal, avoiding weight-loss fads, and more. When the condition of the osteoporosis patient has progressed, doctors might need to prescribe some treatment options that will help with their pain and quality of life.

EVENITY® bone-strengthening treatment for osteoporosis is most commonly used in patients who are susceptible to fractures. It increases the number of new cells that help in bone formation and strengthening. Doctors administer two injections in the period of one month for a year. Post-menopausal patients are most likely to be prescribed EVENITY®.

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