6 common home cleaning habits to avoid

A clean environment is where creativity and productivity thrive. A place maintained clean provides an air of positivity which helps people function better. However, while keeping our things and home clean, certain mistakes are unavoidable. But practice makes people perfect. Through trial and error, one can learn from the mistakes and ensure their surroundings and items are well managed and neat. Keep reading to find out more about some common cleaning mistakes to avoid.

Not switching sponges
Sponges are highly absorbent, and as a result, they act as a breeding ground for various microbes. If you go around the house cleaning every surface with the same sponge, you only facilitate the travel of these bacteria and other germs. Therefore, ensure the sponge for dishes is different from the one you are using to clean the stove tops and counters.

Cleaning hardwood with water
The universal solvent is a great cleaning agent in most scenarios but not always. Grabbing a bucket and a mop was our go-to solution to cleaning the house and the dust. After all, if you clean, you know how meditating it is to watch streaks of the freshly mopped floor. However, those wet floor streaks are a curse if your home has wooden flooring. Not only is it harmful, but it is also unnecessary. Stick with vacuuming and sweeping to maintain a clean home.

Using sprays on electronics
A lot of people want to have multipurpose cleaners. But that does not mean you can use your spray cleaners to clean everything. One must refrain from spraying cleaner solutions onto their television, laptops, and other electronic devices. LCDs and other screens can suffer damage from these solutions. Instead, one can use a microfiber cloth to deal with prints and dust on the screens. Further, if you have any screen cleaner solutions, spray them on the cloth instead of directly applying them on the screen.

Starting with the floors
Some might not consider it essential to start their cleaning spree in the correct order, but it is of significance. Some people like starting with cleaning the floors first. But that is a counterproductive decision. Once you have swept and mopped your floors, every other surface you clean will throw dirt, dust, and other particles onto your clean floors, further dirtying them up. So you will be forced to clean the crumbs off the floor again.

Scrubbing stains
While stains are normal and unavoidable, it is possible to skip giving in to the urge to scrub them out. Many might know that scrubbing spills out of couches and carpets does more damage than help. You can try blotting them out with a dry towel or clean cloth. Proceed to rinse it with clean water before blotting it dry again. One can even use some carpet cleaner or keep repeating the above process. Either option is better than scrubbing.

Paper towels on mirrors
Like with screens, paper towels don’t make a decent cleaning agent for mirrors either. Thanks to their absorbent nature, paper towels have often been used to clean up spills and wet counters. However, this also means every swipe on the mirror with a paper towel will leave behind streaks across its surface. It would be another place where you want to adapt to a clean microfiber cloth to get a squeaky clean mirror.

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