6 tips for maintaining a lush green lawn

Lawns significantly add to the curb appeal of your house. It provides you with some much-needed greenery when surrounded by a concrete jungle. However, keeping the lawn clean and green can be a notorious chore that is tricky to maintain. You could be doing everything right according to your knowledge to care for the lawn, but you may still have a sad-looking lawn. Hence, adopting some simple practices will help you excel at the task.

Learning soil type
Learning about the soil and the grass covering your lawn area is a great way to start caring for the lawn. Only when you know these details, you will be able to implement all the lawn care tips and tricks your friends and family dish out for you. And if you are just starting to put down the lawn, research the type of soil and grass that thrives in your climate. This will give you a better opportunity to avoid bald patches on your lawn.

Proper seeding
Planting your seeds is a better way to lay your lawn if you are starting fresh. To avoid any issues with seeding, learn about the best time to sow seeds in your climate and region to obtain lush grass. If you have moved into a new place, it might be a possibility that you already have a lawn with plentiful grass. In that case, you don’t need to use ample seeds. A touch-up, in that case, might be the right choice for you. But, if you notice bald patches in the lawn, you can use the overseeding process to cover it up and grow lush grass over it. Overseeding is doubly beneficial as it helps strengthen the grass and enables it to stand against drought and other issues in the future.

People often mistake mowing to be a straightforward process and do not give it much thought. It is important to consider a few things to ensure you aren’t damaging the lawn when mowing. Cutting the grass too short to avoid mowing for longer periods is not as smart a move as it seems. It can damage the turn by putting additional pressure on it. Simultaneously, make sure you are taking care of your lawn mower.

Aeration helps break the soil compaction allowing for a better flow of oxygen, water, and nutrients in the soil. It provides better growth opportunities for the lawn grass. This can be achieved with the help of something as simple as a gardening fork or with a hollow-tine aeration tool.

Like we need vitamins for proper growth and development, plants need them too. Irrespective of the ongoing season, your yard needs fertilization for its healthy growth. If you want to finish this job yourself, you must select granular fertilizers to keep things simple. Another major lawn care tip when using fertilizers is following the instructions and always choosing nutrient-rich products.

Weeds often grow in packs, and getting rid of them can be a task and a half. A smart decision is to have scheduled professional appointments and have your lawn properly de-weeded. If you are dealing with it on your own, try not to disturb the soil too much. An alternative option is to add mulch and encourage the growth of insects that feed on it.

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