Avoid these 6 foods that trigger inflammation in arthritis patients

The early stages of any form of arthritis can make indulging in daily activities quite frustrating. One may find it difficult to hold, grab, reach, or lift objects because of the stiffness in their joints. A healthcare expert may suggest certain therapies, prescriptions, and other treatments to manage the symptoms and pain caused by arthritis. However, one must avoid factors that trigger or worsen the condition, including the foods mentioned below.

Pork is a red meat that an individual with arthritis should strike off from their daily meal plan. Research indicates that this meat is substantially high in saturated fat. The intake of such fats may cause strain on the heart and may lead to gaining an unhealthy BMI, triggering inflammation and worsening one’s arthritis symptoms. Beef, lamb, mutton, and elk are other sources of red meat that arthritis patients should avoid.

This high-fat dairy product is rich in nutrients like calcium and proteins essential for healthier living. However, milk usually contains casein, a common contributor to inflammation in individuals with arthritis. Therefore, one should consider limiting milk and other high-fat dairy products like yogurt and cheese if dealing with arthritis.

While tomatoes make great additions to several foods, people with arthritis may have to steer clear of this food. It is a nightshade vegetable that naturally produces a chemical known as solanine. An increased level of this chemical in the body may contribute to joint pain, swelling, and inflammation in those with arthritis. Other nightshade vegetables that contain solanine include chili peppers, bell peppers, and potatoes.

Healthcare experts often advise against organ meats like liver because of their high purine content. These are substances that the body usually converts to uric acid. Therefore, excess of organ meat during meals may drastically increase the level of uric acid in the body. The build-up of the acidic property in the bloodstream may lead to a gout attack – a type of arthritis. One should also avoid other foods like ham, bacon, and scallops as they are also rich in purine.

White bread
Most people love eating white bread with other dishes for breakfast or during other meals. But the food must be avoided by those affected with arthritis. White bread is rich in refined carbohydrates such as added sugars and excessively processed grains. Therefore, eating this type of bread puts individuals with arthritis at an increased risk of inflammation. Moreover, refined carbohydrates increase insulin resistance and are associated with a higher risk of unhealthy body weight – a contributing factor to arthritis and its symptoms. One should also slice out white rice, grocery store cereals, and certain baked items from their meals as they are high in refined carbs.

Individuals with arthritis should avoid eating cookies or other desserts. These foods contain added refined sugar, a common trigger of inflammation of the condition’s symptoms. These sugars may also be present in fruit juices and boxed cereals, making them equally unhealthy for those dealing with arthritis. Furthermore, desserts with excessive refined sugars and carbs may introduce calories to the body but lack essential nutrients and vitamins. In addition, the lack of appropriate nutrition may increase body mass, thereby worsening arthritis symptoms.

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