Black Friday 2023 – Top 20 Furniture Sales to Expect

The Black Friday sale offers such incredible deals on furniture that anyone would be enticed to upgrade their living spaces. Be it cozy additions to the living room or elegant pieces for the dining area, the sale has it all. While the Black Friday 2023 sale has yet to arrive, here are some top furniture deals from the previous year’s sale. These will give a good insight into what Black Friday 2023 has to offer.

1. Sofa beds
Sofa beds can transform any living room into a guest-friendly haven within minutes—that too, with ease and while maintaining the esthetic appeal of the room. One of the best deals on sofa beds from last Black Friday was Lark Manor’s Lourenco 77″ Sleeper Sofa, available at Wayfair for around 50% off.

2. Dining tables
Black Friday 2022 had top offers on the most elegant dining tables. Among the best deals, one was for the Laurel Foundry Modern Farmhouse Kennamer four-person dining set, available at Wayfair for a discount of about 17%.

3. Dining chairs
The sale also had great offers on sleek and comfortable dining chairs that buyers could mix and match with their dining table. Houzz listed the Parker dining chair for a whopping 70% discount.

4. Patio furniture
Those who want to decorate their outdoor living spaces can expect great deals this year. Last year saw some incredible deals on patio furniture, from lounge sets to dining arrangements. Among the best deals was the Outer’s teak and aluminum outdoor dining table set with six director’s chairs. The set was available for a discount of about 20%.

5. Beds
Who doesn’t want a good night’s sleep? Buyers who want to swap out their beds should wait a couple more months, as they can expect to save a lot based on last year’s deals on beds. For instance, Floyd’s Platform Bed was available at a discount of about 20%. In fact, quite a few brands even offer bedding and all sorts of bundles with beds.

6. Armchairs
The previous Black Fridays also had deals for those who wished to spruce up their living room with plush armchairs. They are versatile and great for adding a pop of color to a living space. Buyers who like the mid-century Scandinavian esthetic can expect deals on the Jones Upholstered Armchair by AllModern, which was available at Wayfair last year for a discount of about 60%.

7. Recliners
With last year’s recliner deals, shoppers could find the ideal ones at a fraction of the regular price. For instance, one of the best deals in this category was on West Elm’s Wood-Framed Leather Recliner.

8. Modular sofas
Those who want to buy versatile and flexible furniture, such as a modular sofa, should wait a couple of months, as based on last year’s Black Friday sale, modular sofas sold like hotcakes for massive discounts. The Radley 3-piece fabric chaise sectional sofa, for instance, was available at Macy’s for more than $900 off its list price.

9. Benches
A bench can work in almost any room of the house; it can be added to a dining room set, placed at the end of the bed, or work as additional seating in a living room. The West Elm Andes Bench with tall cast metal legs was a popular one that sold at a discounted price of about $900.

10. Coffee tables
At the heart of any living room, coffee tables serve as functional and decorative focal points. One of the best deals on coffee tables from last Black Friday was Corrigan Studio’s Butcher Abstract Coffee Table, available at a discount of just shy of 35%.

11. Console tables
Last year’s sale saw some fantastic console table deals, which make great furniture pieces to elevate an entryway or hallway. The Waterfall Inlay Console Table, with its brass-capped, arched design, was available at Anthropologie for a discount of about $400 on its original price of approximately $1,400.

12. Storage carts
Keeping spaces tidy is a breeze, thanks to storage carts. These were available at amazing discounts on Black Friday. For instance, QVC was offering the Oasis Collapsible Multi-Drawer Storage Cart for a discount of more than $60.

13. TV Stands
Most TV stands come with open spaces, storage cabinets, cord outlets, and other functional features. Those who are into the modern farmhouse esthetic might like Three Posts’ Lorraine TV Stand, which was available at Wayfair for a discount of about 50% last year.

14. Dressers and chest drawers
Dressers and chest drawers are versatile and multi-functional, as they can be used as a TV console and store clothes. Last year, Black Friday saw massive discounts on dressers and drawers; for example, the Nicehill Dresser with ten drawers was available on Amazon for an approximate $25 discount.

15. Nightstands
The Chadwick Mid-century Nightstand was available at West Elm for a discount of more than $200. It comes with a textural woven shelf that gives it a natural elegance. It is perfect for compact spaces but offers quite a bit of storage with a drawer and an open shelf.

16. Standing desks
Standing desks have become quite popular as more people embrace remote work. The FEZIBO’s Adjustable Electric Standing Desk with Double Drawer was a coveted one last year and was available on Amazon for a discount of almost $120.

17. Ottomans
Last year, Black Friday had great deals on ottomans, which can serve as footrests, extra seating, and storage units. The Home Reflections’ Velvet Square Storage Ottoman was available at QVC for a discount of just under $80.

18. Fire pit table
Cozy outdoor gatherings got even better last year with discounted fire pit tables. The BBQGuys’ Signature Estes 40-Inch Low-Profile Fire Table was available for a discount of 25%.

19. Bar stools
Saracina Home’s Set of Two Laslo Modern Faux Leather Barstools was available for a discount of about $72 at Target. They are sleek, lightly cushioned, and go with most design types.

20. Bookcases
Bookcases were sold at some amazing discounts on the previous Black Friday. For instance, the 17 Stories Arturs Bookcase was available at Wayfair for over $50 off.

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