10 exciting Black Friday deals on hoverboards

Hoverboards have risen in popularity for many good reasons over the years. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you can take this opportunity to purchase or upgrade to the latest hoverboard this Black Friday. They are a bit of a pricey investment, hence to make sure that your investment pays off, we have found the most exciting Black Friday 2022 deals for hoverboards that you can take a look at right now.

Hover-1 Blast Hoverboard

The Hover-1 Blast Hoverboard comes with dual 160W motors that can help you travel wherever you want to go seamlessly and has a maximum travel distance of three miles on a full charge. The highest speed that you can achieve on this hoverboard is seven mph, and it has bright LED headlights to ensure safe night-time traveling as well. Expect it to go on sale for $79.00 or lower from its original price of $114.

Jetson Sync All-Terrain Hoverboard

This hoverboard runs primarily on 100 percent electric power, and its tires are ideally designed to provide you with a smooth ride on any terrain. Furthermore, its impressive dual motor can help you zip around the city quickly in style. Combined with a maximum range of 8 miles and a top speed of 10 mph, the Jetson Sync is expected to go on sale for $99.99 or lower.

Hover-1 I-200 Hoverboard

Some of the best features included in this hoverboard are its in-built Bluetooth speaker, LED wheel lights, and 6.5-inch sized dual wheels. It also comes with a potent 320W motor that can provide a maximum speed of 7 mph and can support weight up to a maximum of 160 lbs. Even though the original price is $128, expect the price to be at least $99.99 or lower during the Black Friday sale.

DailySaw 6.5-Inch Hoverboard

This hoverboard features huge 6.5-inch wheels with dual LED lights and protective bumpers for seamless transportation. The rated load carrying capacity is capped at a maximum of 220 pounds, and it sports Bluetooth speakers for entertainment on the go. Additionally, the maximum speed is 10.5 mph. Expect the price to drop to $249.99 or lower during the Black Friday sale period from its original price of $350.

AlienSaw 8-Inch Hoverboard

Featuring dual 350W motors and one of the largest 8-inch wheels, this AlienSaw hoverboard has a maximum weight carrying capacity of 220 pounds with a maximum speed of 10.5 mph. Additionally, the hoverboard supports Bluetooth speakers, and is IP54 rated. While the original price is $400, expect the price to drop to at least $269.99 or lower.

JamSaw 6.5-Inch Hoverboard

With brushless dual 350W motors, this hoverboard offers a maximum weight carrying capacity of 220 lbs with a top speed of 7.6 mph. Furthermore, it’s IP54-rated for dust and water resistance, and the battery life is around 2 to 4 hours. Expect the JamSaw to go on sale for $179.99 or lower during Black Friday.

Razor Black Label Hovertrax Hoverboard

Created for kids aged eight years and up, this hoverboard features a maximum speed of up to 8 mph with a continuous usage time of 60 minutes. The motor is rated at a maximum of 350W, and the weight limit is set at 220 lbs. Expect it to go on sale for $138 or lower during the Black Friday sale period.

Halo Rover X Hoverboard

If you’re looking for a premium hoverboard with all the bells and whistles, the Rover X can fulfill your requirements with 8.5-inch wheels, three different training modes, and smartphone app functionality support. Additionally, the hoverboard features Bluetooth speakers and halo wings for protection against road damage. While the original price is $997, expect it to go on sale for $497 or even lower this holiday sale season.

Hover-1 Ranger Pro Electric Hoverboard
This hoverboard is a great option, especially because of its powerful 600W motor and maximum achievable speeds of 9mph. Furthermore, it can support weight up to 220 lbs and has a bright LED lighting system to improve visibility on the road. The wheel sizes are 6.5 inches, and the battery charges in 6 hours. This Black Friday, you can purchase this hoverboard at an exciting offer.

SWFT Blaze Hoverboard
With a tire size of 6.5 inches, the SWFT Blaze can reach a maximum speed of 7mph on the road. Additionally, the range of the hoverboard is measured at 3 miles on a single charge, and it has front-facing LED headlights for better road visibility. Available in six different variants, the Blaze is set to go on sale at massive discounts this holiday shopping season.