Treatments and home remedies to treat blood disorders

Blood is quite a crucial component for the healthy functioning of the body. If something affects the blood, it impacts the entire body; these are known as blood disorders.

Here is the treatment based on the different types:

Aplastic anemia

The treatments for this disorder mainly consist of the following:

  • Bone marrow transport
  • Medicines which help in suppressing the person’s immunity
  • Blood transfusion
  • Removal of toxin which is the cause (specific and rare cases)


The treatment for this blood disorder is quite complicated. Here is what doctors adopt:

  • Medical experts provide supportive care with the support of granulocyte transfusions and combing it with prophylactic antibiotics.
  • The antibiotics above should be consumed regularly. Granulocyte transfusion is recommended if the impact of this disorder is low.
  • The doctor may even need to undertake hematopoietic stem cell transplantation and fucose supplementation if required.

Sickle cell anemia

There are probable treatment measures for sickle cell anemia which may include the following:

  • Pain medications are prescribed to manage sickle cell anemia
  • Intravenous fluids are recommended with the consumption of nearly eight to ten glasses of water daily
  • Additionally, blood transfusions are recommended for anemia and to keep strokes at bay
  • Bone marrow transplant

Since there are a lot of blood disorders, you need to get it diagnosed and start the treatment as it differs based on the different conditions.

General home remedies for blood clots

Blood clots are mandatory for the body, as they shield the body from having deep wounds. However, sometimes, it can turn out to be excessive and lead to fatal complications. Consequently, blood thinners might be required to lessen the capacity of the body to transform into clumps. However, since there are plenty of blood disorders, we have mentioned a list of home remedies you can use for blood-thinning:


Turmeric, also known as one of the best remedies for blood thinning, is known for having a lot of curcumin, which helps the body deal with anti-inflammation. Turmeric is not only used for culinary purposes but also for medicinal purposes in many regions of the world.


An anti-inflammatory super food, ginger, consists of acid known as salicylate. This helps reduce blood clots in general.


Almonds can help reduce blood clots because they are abundant with Vitamin E. People who take blood-thinning medicines are also advised against consuming Vitamin E, as it further helps with the management of blood clots.


Cinnamon has a special agent known as coumarin. Warfarin extracted is incredibly helpful for blood thinning. However, we don’t recommend high dosages of cinnamon because it can damage the liver.

Grapeseed oil

Some studies show that grape seed oil can help get rid of different types of blood disorders and heart conditions. Hence, it can help treat blood clots, too.

You may also consume Dong Quai, ginkgo Biloba, garlic, and cayenne peppers.